St Patrick’s Day 2021 – Remembrance Masses

When St Patrick’s Day comes around, it will mark a year of restrictions of one kind or another because of the pandemic. Worldwide travel has been restricted or has been almost non-existent. Our exiles have suffered greatly. Many of them could not attend funerals, family weddings, or other occasions. We think of those from our own parishes who have had family bereavements in the past year and have had to suffer the pain of the loss of loved ones in isolation and at a distance. We keep in contact with them through modern means of communication, but there is no substitute for personal contact. Nevertheless, we want to give them reassurance that they are not forgotten.

This St Patrick’s Day, we will have a special remembrance for our exiles and emigrants. This will take place at masses being celebrated in Croom and Banogue churches: Croom on Tuesday March 16th at 7:00pm and St Patrick’s Day at 11:30am; Banogue on St Patrick’s Day at 10:00am.

We will remember those who have died abroad during the past year. We will mention these at the masses, so please send in these names over the next few weeks so that they can be included. There is always a special bond between the Irish all over the world – let us strengthen that bond this St Patrick’s Day.

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