Banogue Church

When the church was built is an issue of debate. It has been claimed that the church was built in 1840 but according to Fr Kennedy, the church was probably built in 1818 or 1819. Stones were brought from Croom to build the church. The church was renovated in 1826 and more than likely the date of 1840 was a further renovation to the church. More recently the church was renovated in 1955.

On the wall of the church beside the road, there are a number of rings inserted in the wall. These rings were used to tie up donkeys and traps while people were attending mass.

Originally the church consisted of the nave and the left transept of the present church. The right transept was a latter addition – perhaps in 1840. The church is dedicated to St. Peter & Paul and on either side of the altar is a statue of one of the saints, Peter on the left and Paul on the right. There is also a statue of the Madonna in the church.