Easter Greetings

We send Easter greetings to all our different parishioners at home and abroad. The image of darkness is an appropriate image for all that has happened during the past year. That darkness has been reflected many times throughout the lockdowns and restrictions that has limited the freedoms and movements of all our citizens. Particular moments such as deaths and bereavements have impacted severely on the lives of people. Various plans have been put on hold and generally it has been a difficult period; we look forward to better times ahead. There is always a new dawn after the darkness of the night before; it is a part of our nature to look forward with hope. The Resurrection that we will celebrate again this year can fill us with a new enthusiasm and expectation. In the aftermath of the second World War, there was a greater sense of joy and appreciation for life for all peoples and nations. No doubt this will happen again in the shorter term.

Meanwhile this Easter-time, we give thanks for the life of Christ and his message – we think of his promise that after our own lives here on Earth, we too can enjoy eternal happiness along with those who have gone before us.

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