Celtic Prayer

May God make safe to you each step.
May God make open to you each pass.
May God make clear to you each road,
and may He take you in the clasp of his own two hands.

Providence Prayer

Gracious God,
you surround us all our days.
We walk and work in the light of your world
and sleep and dream in the gentle dark you created.
Now that our working and dreaming are done,
give us rest and a place to call home,
within the great city of your love.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord,

Blessed John Henry Newman’s First Prayer for the Departed

May He support us all the day long, till the shadows lengthen
and the evening comes
and the busy world is hushed
and the fever of life is over
and our work is done -
then in His mercy -
may He give us safe lodging
and a holy rest
and peace at the last.

Blessed John Henry Newman’s Second Prayer for the Departed

O Jesus, lover of souls, we recommend to you the souls of
all those your servants who have deported with the sign of
faith and sleep the sleep of peace. We beseech you, O Lord
and Saviour, that, as in your mercy to them you became man,
so now you would hasten the time, and admit them to
your presence above. Remember, O Lord, that they are your
creatures, not made by strange gods, but by you, the only
Living and True God; for there is no other God but you, and
none that can equal your works.

Let their souls rejoice in your light, and impute not to them
their former iniquities, which they committed through
the violence of passion, or the corrupt habits of their fallen
nature. For, although they have sinned, yet they always
firmly believed in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; and
before they died, they reconciled themselves to you by true
contrition and the Sacraments of your Church.


I pray today for all who suffer depression, pain, illness or disease. May they be strengthened as they join themselves to Christ in his suffering for the salvation of the world.