Message from Principal Emmett Murphy

Dear Graduating Students, Parents & Guardians,

I would like to start by congratulating you on reaching the end of your primary education in St. Mary’s National School, Croom. You have been an incredible class group and have left a great legacy as role models and friends for all the staff and students in our school.

The last few months have been unprecedented and challenging for everyone. The spread of Covid-19 has impacted our lives in ways that were impossible to imagine just a few months ago and reads like a far-fetched science fiction book. The disease seemed so distant from our lives here in Croom until it was on our doorstep, threatening our friends and family members.

This struggle and the obstacles we continue to face are leading us to think and act differently. Socialising, sport, travel and, indeed, learning, may never be quite the same again, but there are positive lessons that we must embrace from this pandemic. Lessons that show us that family, friends, and community are what are truly important to us all.

This sixth class of 2020 will always be remembered in history as the challenges you have faced are different to any other graduating class in more than 150 years of our school. The fact that you have adapted and successfully navigated these times will stand you in good stead moving forward on your exciting journey to second level education.

Thank you to all the parents/guardians for your patience in accepting and, in many cases, upskilling to a new method of teaching and learning that was foreign to us all just four months ago. We acknowledge that these times have been extremely difficult for all parents/guardians who are trying to juggle education and working from home.

The staff at St. Mary’s hope to have all our students returned to school on a full time basis this September, but it remains to be seen if this will be possible as nothing now can be taken for granted. Different scenarios have been discussed by the government and recommendations are still uncertain. What we do know is that when we open our doors on August 31st it will be unlike any other Term One the school has ever seen. The board, the school management, and the staff will all strive to create the safest possible environment for your child(ren) on their return. There will be restrictions around movement for children and parents, there will be different routines to adapt to and it may all evolve and change from week to week as new guidelines are issued. We again ask for co-operation through all of this as we draft a plan for the return to school to be shared with you this August in preparation for reopening.

Finally, and most importantly here, to our graduating students, we will have you back to the school under normal circumstances, whenever that may be in the future, to celebrate your achievement in our school hall. We hope you will return at that time to mark your years in our school and let us acknowledge your input to St. Mary’s National School. For now, we all send you our best wishes on your journey through second level. We know that each of you will be a success.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mr Emmett Murphy

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