Coronavirus newsletter

Croom Community Development and the Family Resource Centre is reaching out to give our support.

The Covid-19 virus continues to be the topic of conversation throughout the country and the recent extension to the 5th of May has raised our level of urgency to do more for our community. As such, we are delivering this newsletter to you today to give some information and guidance. We ask that you use this as a reminder to remain diligent in your efforts to follow the HSE protocols to keep us all safe.

We understand this is a time of anxiety and concern for some of our residents, but we hope this serves as a reminder of the role each of us plays in helping to reduce the spread of the disease, and so far Croom has stepped up brilliantly. The experts are working to discover a treatment and potential vaccine for coronavirus. However, we know that will not be developed overnight. The actions you take today are the only thing that can halt the spread of the disease in our community.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Avoid touching your face if possible between hand washing.

2. Remain in your home unless for the following reasons:

a) reporting to work as an essential employee

b) medical need (but remember if you have COVID-19 symptoms call your GP or the Limerick HSE hotline on 1800 832 005)

c) shopping for food

d) outdoor exercise or walking your pet (observing social distancing guidelines of 2 metres)

3. Minimise your contact with hard surfaces or objects with which others have had previous contact.

4. Wipe down any hard surface before and after you come in contact with it, preferably with hot water and a soap based detergent or at the very least a disinfectant or anti-bacterial that has at least 60% alcohol content.

5. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser on you and use whenever you have come in contact with an object or surface outside of your home.

6. When outside of the home, remain at least 2 metres apart from any individual not in your immediate household, and to not remain in their company for more than 15 minutes.

7. Avoid coughing or sneezing into the open air. Instead, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow.

Helpful Numbers:

Spar: (061) 397 740

Pharmacy: (061) 397 272

Patrickswell Post Office: (061) 355 101

Gardaí: (061) 397 240

Doctor: (061) 397 206

St. Mary’s Church: (061) 397 231

Family Resource Centre: (086) 8338227

List of Volunteers Collection & Delivery: 1800 832 005

Mental Health Supports / Advice: (061) 446 786 or Aoife on 087 2074637 or Irene at 087 2485742

Farming Supports / Advice: (063) 98039 or (069) 61444

Social Media Announcements: &

Counselling, Addiction: Cúlra – Maria on 087 6034316 and Michael on 086 3737680

Domestic Violence: Adapt – (061) 412 354

Bereavement: 087 9851733

Suicide Prevention: Children – (061) 461 454 & Adults – (061) 461 262

Media Contact: Limerick Leader – (061) 214 503

Call Out Maintenance & Repairs: CC Property – 087 780 8810

Advocacy Service for Vulnerable Persons: (1) 475 6989

Meals on Wheels: 1800 832 005

Funeral Services: (061) 397 237

Text Alert Systems for Seniors: 01 511 7222

Stay safe. Stay well. We will get through this together, stronger than ever before.

From Croom Community Development Association & the Family Resource Centre.

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